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Methamphetamine Testing

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You have a building in which the occupants have either created a methamphetamine lab or used methamphetamine in the building. Removing the occupants from the building is the first step but rehabilitating the unit and building to a safe condition is the real challenge. The next occupant may have children, grandchildren, or even pets when they move in. How can you be sure that you’ve sufficiently removed the contaminants alleviating you of future liabilities with new tenants?

Utilizing an experienced Industrial Hygienist with experience in methamphetamine lab cleanups is a critical first step. Professional cleaners will be needed for the proper rehabilitation. Once they have finished with the cleaning and renovations, you will need appropriate testing of the space and surrounding areas to document that the cleaning efforts were effective and that the unit is safe to be occupied.

Verification testing after properly cleaning will document that the unit has been adequately cleaned and returned to a safe condition for occupancy. Failure to obtain this documentation can result in increased liability from future occupants who may have symptoms from exposure to methamphetamine residue or from the chemicals used to make methamphetamine.

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