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North Central Correctional Facility Dietary Building

Located in Rockwell City, IA

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The North Central Correctional Facility’s Dietary Center was too small to adequately serve its current offender population. Equipment was extremely outdated, and deteriorated finishes were causing potential health risks in the food preparation and serving areas. The North Central Correctional Facility was hoping to renovate the existing space and add more square footage to expand seating capacity in the dining area. It was crucial, however, that the dietary services remain operational at all times.

After examining the Dietary Center at the North Central Correctional Facility and learning more about the problems it posed, Shive-Hattery proposed a new solution: construct an entirely new Dietary Center outside the secure perimeter. As a result, the new facility now offers a 192-seat dining area, as well as food preparation, bakery, dishwashing, serving and food storage areas. The facility can serve 540 people per meal, totaling 1,620 meals a day. The dining room also serves as a multi-purpose space equipped with moveable partitions, a projector and projection screens, and acoustical control. The building is adjacent to the majority of North Central Correctional Facility housing units, allowing convenient access for offenders. The new building also complements the color, motif and scale of existing campus structures.

The Shive-Hattery design provided the North Central Correctional Facility with a new Dietary Center facility within the original budget.This solution also enabled the former kitchen and dining space to be converted into an area for much-needed medical use. Construction was finished outside the secure perimeter to avoid costly, time-consuming security check-ins and check-outs for construction workers and tools. Once construction was complete, the security fence was moved to include the Dietary Center within the secure perimeter.

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