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RSM – Denver Tech – 1st Floor

Located in Denver, CO

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Global accounting firm RSM leased space on the first floor of the well-known Denver Tech Center. The company wanted to create an innovation center where they could host potential clients or visiting staff members and showcase the technology side of their business. They needed a space that was highly flexible and built with hospitality in mind.

All of the furniture in the space is movable and technology options are located everywhere so that employees can create whatever work environment is needed. Upon entering the innovation center, a coffee bar and food service areas create a relaxed space for welcoming visitors. Since clients sometimes bring in products, display spaces and plug-ins are placed throughout the office.

Small breakout session areas are located throughout for impromptu meetings, as well as a large space for bigger meetings with integrated technology. A main room has moveable furniture with five mounted TVs, with the capacity to wheel in more. Three training rooms are designed so that they can open onto each other for larger gatherings. Ancillary space allows for collaboration or more informal gatherings with food.

A suspended ceiling in the main lab space adds visual interest while also helping absorb sound during large meetings.

The overall look of the center has a technology feel to showcase that aspect of RSM for clients and employees from other offices. Abundant power sources and moveable furniture give employees the flexibility to arrange spaces as needed for every situation.

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