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RSM – Oklahoma City

Located in Oklahoma City, OK

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For productivity and efficiency, RSM works closely with Shive-Hattery to standardize workplace design across its offices, which span 38 states; however, it’s important for RSM to also be able to reflect the unique regional character of each office to identify with local team members and attract young talent. 
RSM Oklahoma City’s previous workspace was dark, without much access to natural light. It also lacked enough meeting and collaboration space to accommodate its growing team. So RSM wanted to relocate its Oklahoma City office to the 17th floor of Oklahoma Tower, which would provide them with a lighter, brighter space. The team needed help designing the new space to be functional, practical, and in line with design standards.
After RSM Oklahoma City secured an office in Oklahoma Tower, Shive-Hattery created a design for the space that focuses on sophistication with a mix of fun and bright, open areas. Gathering and meeting spaces were designed to attract younger generations of workers to assist with recruitment and retention.
A mix of private and open offices allows for collaboration and teamwork while also providing privacy for the high-level positions that require it.
RSM Oklahoma City’s 80+ employees are now in a new workspace filled with natural light and bright spaces instead of dark, cave-like offices. They have ample space to meet, brainstorm, and share ideas, with room to grow in the future.

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