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Jarred Bunch Consulting Office Space

Located in Indianapolis, IN

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Jarred Bunch Consulting, a large financial advisory firm based in Indianapolis, Indiana provides financial planning services, portfolio management, pension consulting services, and other financial advisory services. By 2016 the firm had outgrown its current location in a non-descript multi-tenant office tower in an office park on the outskirts of Indianapolis and was looking to create a full-service, customer-oriented experience as well as a state-of-the-art facility for its roster of financial planners and support staff.

The client was able to locate an existing 10,000SF + existing single story office building to which a new 3,000SF addition was constructed to accommodate the client’s program. High on the list of client priorities for the new design was the wish to convey a sense of welcomeness and technological acuity through the use of contemporary materials (polished concrete floors, exposed ceilings, slim linear LED lighting) and large video walls. The architectural team took this program and ran, seamlessly dividing the interior spaces into secured and unsecured areas, with open site lines from each end of the building to the other. Clients are welcomed into the space past an open reception area into a large, spacious library area, complete with café and coffee bar, which overlooks the glass walled in-house video studio from which national television appearances and financial podcasting is developed and transmitted.

The building is laid out into an executive/investment area, with private offices surrounding open bullpen support areas, and advisor/training area, again with individual offices surrounding open lounge areas, and finally the large gymnasium area, accessible from its own after-hours entrance, open to the exterior, with its own full restroom and shower facilities. Connecting these various functions are large, wide corridors that act as gallery wall space for a revolving display of local and national artists. 

This new facility meets the Jarred Bunch Consulting conferencing/training, investment, and community outreach needs, while providing a full-service work and relaxation space for its dozens of employees and guests.

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