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Storm Sewer Design and Analysis

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Localized and regional flooding can cause significant loss of property. Building sites, roadways and infrastructure need to be designed for proper drainage and to manage stormwater from ever-increasing extreme rainfall events.
It is critical that the design process includes our clients and other stakeholders to provide a practical and effective solution that balances cost, maintenance and aesthetics.

Services include:

  • Hydrologic and hydraulic analysis
  • Storm sewer systems
  • Intakes, culverts, outfalls
  • Energy grade lines
  • Pump stations
  • System inventory analysis, mapping, data collection and GIS integration
  • Detention and retention basins
  • Control structures
  • Permitting and regulatory compliance
  • Infrastructure evaluation
  • Water supply and reservoir yield

Properly designed drainage and stormwater management systems control runoff and minimize or prevent localized and regional flooding. Proper stormwater management is good for the environment and good for everyone within the watershed.

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