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Trail Planning & Design

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Communities strive to enhance the quality of life for their residents and to attract new residents by adding or improving trail systems, both for recreational and weekday commuting users of all ages. Identifying routes and prioritizing construction projects is often a daunting task. Identifying funding is another critical element of trail planning.

In working with our clients on, both local and regional trails, we help them identify routes, study opportunities to connect to other non-motorized facilities, develop phasing plans with associated costs, and assist with securing outside funding. This design experience has included shared use paths, on-street bicycles lanes, crossing of driveways and major streets, as well as signage, drainage and other associated work. Specialized interpretive graphic design and signage services are often integrated with the trails to help users know where they are going and understand the history of where they are.

A well thought out network of on and off street paths for pedestrians and bicyclists can be a magnet for residents, potential residents, and destination visitors. Providing alternative transportation options for recreational and utilitarian uses makes a community healthier and more sustainable.

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