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Wastewater Collection

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Wherever there’s a source of wastewater, there’s a need for it to be safely and efficiently conveyed to a specific location for treatment: typically to a wastewater treatment plant. This transportation process needs to happen as quickly as possible to prevent septic conditions, despite highly variable waste flows.

If you need a new wastewater collection system, we’ll sit down with you to discuss needs, goals and challenges, and then create wastewater collection system design options to meet your budget, timeline and future growth plans.

By designing overall system layouts that include a plan of the area, including nearby roads, buildings, other utilities, topography, soil type, undeveloped areas, etc., you’ll be able to compare your options, their costs and their impacts.

If a wastewater collection system upgrade is what you need, we’ll start by determining existing sanitary sewer collection system capacity, capabilities and deficiencies by conducting flow studies and computer modeling. Then we’ll walk you through the pros and cons of each upgrade option.

Shive-Hattery’s team of experts can also create wastewater collection operations plans to ensure that your capacity isn’t negatively impacted due to lack of maintenance, as well as provide suggestions to address known problems (such as blockages or leakage) with existing wastewater collection systems before they require emergency repairs.

To prevent dilution and decreased treatment efficiency, we’ll also help you avoid excessive levels of inflow and infiltration (I&I). This involves managing groundwater and rainwater so they don’t conflict with your wastewater collection or consume valuable capacity.

Whether it’s through gravity piping or lift stations and force mains, the end result of a Shive-Hattery design is a properly sized collection system that safely and efficiently conveys wastewater across your system.

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