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Wastewater Treatment

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High-density development, aging infrastructure, acceptable capacity levels and adherence to environmental regulations all impact wastewater treatment. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency continues to tighten regulatory limits on nutrient discharge levels, encouraging some municipalities and industrial plants to reconsider their wastewater treatment solutions.

From aeration and chlorination systems to high-end treatment processes involving membrane bioreactors and advanced disinfection, Shive-Hattery’s cost-effective solutions span effluent, sewage, common and combined effluent treatment plants, and activated sludge plants.

Whether you need a brand new system, want to reuse components of an existing system while increasing throughput or require a cost-effective modification or upgrade to replace aging infrastructure that can no longer be maintained, we’ll help you find a solution that doesn’t compromise treatment effectiveness.

Our expertise spans water treatment plants of all types and sizes: from systems that manage a few thousand gallons of wastewater per day to systems that process millions of gallons of wastewater every few hours.

Starting with feasibility studies, system assessments and planning through to design, facility construction and post-project training, we know the ins and outs of wastewater treatment plants. We’ll show you ways your wastewater treatment plant can adhere to necessary requirements and regulations, incorporate new technology while using tried-and-true solutions and be ready to expand to accommodate future growth while also facilitating ease of maintenance to prolong system lifecycle.

Once you’ve pinpointed the approach that will work best for your timeline and budget, our knowledgeable experts walk you through different options to assist with project funding, including grants and revolving loans, and help you secure the necessary capital.

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