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Water Distribution

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A water distribution system delivers treated water from the water treatment plant out to you, while ensuring adequate water quality, quantity and pressure levels.

Shive-Hattery can manage all aspects of water distribution system planning, design and construction administration. Through hydraulics modeling, we determine a system that can maintain proper pressure levels while meeting the demands of the system and adequate fire-flow protection.

Our services range from extending new mains to planning, designing and construction administration for large water conveyance improvements and new builds. Our engineers have decades of experience in water distribution system design and permitting, helping you pinpoint a wide range of potential alternatives and identifying the right components (pipes, storage tanks, booster pumps, meters, etc.) to achieve your goals.

Our familiarity with water distribution systems spans dead end, grid iron, ring and radial system layouts. We’ve encountered many kinds of water distribution challenges, and we’ve found innovative, cost-effective solutions for them all.

During the water distribution design process, Shive-Hattery focuses on single-main and double-main systems that maintain water quality, prevent water stagnation, ensure sufficient pressure, prevent water loss due to leakage and offer the ability to maintain water supply even during system repair.

We can help you identify current performance levels and potential obstacles, identify weaknesses that may need to be addressed down the road and find viable solutions to upgrade your water distribution systems without disrupting service when the time comes.

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