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Women’s and Children’s Health

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From labor-delivery to comprehensive women’s services, Shive-Hattery has the skills, compassion and experience to design solutions that meet the challenges of this diverse group in all stages of life. These clients expect convenient, personalized care for themselves and their families and are often responsible for making the majority of healthcare decisions for their loved ones.

As with many healthcare environments, flexibility is important in a women’s or children’s health clinic. By creating spaces that can flex depending on patient volume (for example: easily turning a labor and delivery room into a postpartum room), Shive-Hattery ensures that you’re ready for whatever shifts may occur in the future.

Today's healthcare settings for women and children must not only prioritize the patient experience, but also make it a memorable one. By taking small details into consideration, balancing the technical needs of staff with the requests of patients and families, Shive-Hattery creates inspiring, comfortable, healing and private environments.

In women’s health clinics, this may involve soothing, calming and spa-like elements. In children’s clinics and pediatric spaces, this can mean design that encourages playfulness and offers hope. Ultimately, it all comes back to a design that enables excellent medical care, integrates the right technology, encourages interaction and patient engagement and instills a sense of comfort.

Through compassionate listening, we engage all stakeholders , from OB leaders and receptionists to the patients themselves, and help you put their suggestions into practice. When your facilities are designed to better meet the healthcare needs of women and children in your community, they’ll likely return for follow-up care.