Keeping Athletes and Fans Safe In Sports Facilities


Sports facilities bring all kinds of people together for common causes: friendly competition, health and fun. Ensuring a safe environment for the athletes, fans and coaches who spend time in and around your sports complex is vital to reducing risk, preventing injury and complying with regulations and guidelines.

Making facility design a priority, implementing all maintenance requirements, dedicating appropriate amounts of space to certain activities, and investing in new technology are all important elements of a commitment to safety and security. While these measures may result in increased costs and more staff, it’s also just as probable that these measures will increase facility use, drive increased revenue and lead to higher user retention.

We’ve mapped out a few of the most important design considerations that can impact athlete and spectator safety. Read more in our Keeping Athletes and Fans Safe white paper. Topics include:

  1. Field Playing Surface and Orientation
  2. Activity Areas
  3. Locker Rooms
  4. Training Facilities
  5. Facility Security
  6. Exteriors

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The topics listed here can serve as a starting point for internal and external conversations about making safety a priority. To ensure that initiatives are successful, safety should be an area of focus for everyone at all levels within the organization. Working with Shive-Hattery’s sports architects can help you pinpoint potential threats or problem situations, and prioritize initiatives to improve athlete and fan safety.