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Activity-based Workplace at a Global Technology Firm

Located in Phoenix, AZ

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A multinational information technology company wanted to open an office in Tempe, Ariz., that reflected its modern, technology-driven culture. The owners wanted to create maximum flexibility in the space so that employees could modify their work environment to match the needs of their projects, as well as encourage collaboration and community. It was also important to have open sightlines, avoiding blocking views to the perimeter windows and natural light.

The office encompasses two floors of a brand-new building located close to Arizona State University to create synergy with the school and attract young talent. No space is owned; the office has different types and styles of spaces that can be used by anyone. While some conference rooms are more typical with static chairs, tables, and screens for video conferencing, others are filled with movable, soft seating like couches and lounge chairs. The café break room also doubles as a meeting space, with semi-private booths.

With plug-ins located throughout the space and portable screens, employees can work or hold meetings wherever it makes sense for their project. Writable surfaces are also abundant, with both movable marker boards and ones built into the walls, to facilitate brainstorming and collaboration. Vibrant, energizing colors were integrated with company branding throughout the office.


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