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Air Quality

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In Illinois and Iowa, most industries are subject to air emissions permitting requirements when constructing a new facility, expanding an existing facility, or modifying operations. Air emission regulations exist within state and local codes and federal programs such as the Title V operating permit program. Each permitting program has its own requirements making it difficult for owners and operators to successfully complete air quality permitting without a consultant.

The consultants at Shive-Hattery are experienced in Air Emission permitting for both Iowa and Illinois. For construction permits we can help calculate your potential emissions. For operating permits we can help you complete the Annual Emissions Report (AER) in Illinois or the Minor Source Emission Inventory (MSEI) in Iowa. We can also help you evaluate and establish limit run hours to avoid the paperwork and significant fees of a Title V permit.

We are able to provide an objective review, assessment or solution to your problem. With assistance in all phases of the air permitting process, we can address both the current and future air permitting needs of your business while owners and operators avoid unnecessary effort and focus on more pertinent items at the facility.

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