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Consumers Credit Union – Arlington Heights

Located in Arlington Heights, IL

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Consumers Credit Union wanted to open a new branch in Arlington Heights, Ill., to be closer to existing customers and also recruit new clients. While most of its branches are in renovated existing spaces, Consumers Credit Union was able to purchase an unused section of a large parking lot that would allow them to build from the ground up. This location was also ideal as it offered high visibility next to a main four-lane thoroughfare.

The exterior of the new building is mostly grey brick, with the main entry – which faces the street – highlighted by a wall of windows letting natural light into the public spaces. A metal panel in the company’s branded blue color offers a colorful accent over the entry. Windows along the walls and all-glass fronts on the offices also bring in natural light where customers can benefit. An interesting mix of light fixtures and creative millwork in the teller area also elevate the public spaces. The company’s green, blue and white colors are reflected in the furniture and countertops.

While Arlington Heights has many building requirements, reviews, and sign-offs needed for any new construction, by maintaining communication and creating a good working relationship the project was able to be completed on schedule and under budget, even winning a city-sponsored design award.

Even though the site is smaller at 3,000 square feet, by making the most out of the materials chosen, the new Consumers Credit Union offers customers a modern, elegant place to do business.

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