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Ecological Services

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Threatened and Endangered Species Studies

Consultation with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) is required by Section 7 of the Endangered Species Act for any work that may affect threatened and endangered species or their habitat. Protection of state and federally listed species and their preferred habitat is accomplished through a site survey during project planning and before construction activity. Shive-Hattery has the required knowledge to identify listed species or their habitat within a project site. We can also help prepare the necessary documents and provide coordination to help ensure your project avoids or minimizes impacts to protected species.

Bat Habitat Surveys

Bats play an integral role in the natural balance of many ecosystems. Growing concern about populations of specific species of bat, due to impact from a fungus called white-nose syndrome, has recently come to light. Shive-Hattery can provide services to inspect and examine your project site for potential habitat of the protected species of bat. During a habitat survey, any potential habitat that is suitable for listed bat species is documented. The documentation is compiled in a report that includes photographs, GPS location of identified habitat and recommendations for next steps.

Section 7 Consultation Technical Assistance

Shive-Hattery is experienced in coordination with the USFWS. We can prepare documentation of No Effect determinations and request for concurrence letters that can be submitted to the USFWS.

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