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EPOCH Architecture + Planning

Located in South Bend, IN

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Established in 2012 as a two-person firm, Epoch found the perfect space as a sublet to a local non-profit. While it was more than satisfactory for several years, the firm began to grow beyond the space’s capacity and did not reflect the branding developed by the firm.

The Hibberd began as a mixed-use renovation where close relationships were developed. With perfect timing and synergy, Epoch made the decision to relocate to newly design offices in the historic side that offered an industrial edge, harken to the days of historic South Bend. The space was ideal to develop a vocabulary matching the mission and values established by the firm.

While all companies want to represent themselves in the best possible manner to their clients and customers, Epoch’s central focus was on their internal team and how they interacted. With a combination of open collaborative seating and enclosed flex and conference space, the plan focused on a centralized café space where staff are able to leave their desks to collaborate with colleagues and clients at an expansive black granite island. Contributing to the dynamic, the main entrance to the office was intentionally placed at the center of this multi-use center. 

Every space embraces the past by fully displaying original terrazzo floors from 1926 to an exposed exterior brick wall from a bank built in 1923 to working with items salvaged from the original building. Most impressive is a 6’ sliding steel fire door hung as a backdrop to the reception area where a blackened steel logo is simply fabricated of angle iron suspended from the door to cast a shadow contracting old and new.

The team developed in the South Bend office is has a unique bond further emphasized by the environment designed with their needs in mind. While working within a predominately open space, the material selections and private space offered by generous workstations offer the opportunity to focus as individuals or openly collaborate. While there is a clear sense that important decision are being considered and made, the space counterbalances that with genuine thoughtfulness for the individual and group experience.

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