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The Climate Corporation – Chicago, IL

Located in Chicago, IL

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As a U.S. technology company that helps farmers use digital tools to collect and analyze field data, measure performance, monitor nitrogen, and build tailored seeding prescriptions, The Climate Corporation was growing and needed to find a new location for its Chicago office.
The Climate Corporation wanted its new space to visually represent the technology it provides to clients while offering an attractive setting that would appeal to existing and future employees.
Leasing a floor in a different facility, The Climate Corporation wanted to create a work environment that employees would be proud to be part of.
Knowing that engagement is one of the best ways to attract and retain talented staff members, Shive-Hattery created a branded environment to help employees feel connected to the company and its purpose through visual reminders throughout the office. Interior graphics were designed to be appealing to visitors while also conveying meaning to employees.
In the main boardroom, for example, the company’s mission statement was translated into binary code and used as a subtle backdrop behind a topographical weather map. Although it’s not obvious to everyone who walks into the room, employees know that the mission statement is being conveyed in an understated way.
In the company’s breakroom, a divider wall features graphics that illustrate healthy cornstalk roots. Another prominent wall displays the proper cellular structure of a corn leaf, translated into abstract art to offer a nod to agriculture in a sleek, modern way.
Shive-Hattery also created a one-of-a-kind barn quilt for The Climate Corporation, using colors that complement the company’s corporate blue, green, and yellow colors. Weathered metal and rustic wood were also used throughout the workspace.
With an interior environment that creates a sense of pride among staff, The Climate Corporation’s branded environment – from the lobby and breakroom to conference rooms and boardrooms – visually represents the important technology the company offers to customers. Subtle recognition of tradition blends with eye-catching abstract art to help The Climate Corporation stand out from other technology companies as it recruits young professionals.
The new Chicago location offers space for 35 employees, but will allow the company to more than double its staff size in the next three to five years as it continues to grow.

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