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Exelon Headquarters

Located in Chicago, IL

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Exelon, a Fortune 100 energy company based in downtown Chicago, wanted to restack and renovate their headquarters in the Chase Tower Building. Currently taking 11 full floors, the goal was to reduce that footprint to seven floors by right-sizing the needed spaces. Exelon also wanted to create an environment that supported its workplace principles and company culture.

The programming/planning process was an integrated effort with Exelon Facilities Group. The design team interviewed departmental heads to define their specific eds and adjacencies while sharing new workplace standards. One floor was dedicated as a hospitality and conference center floor, which consists of a collaborative lounge, meeting and training spaces, workstations for visiting employees, and spaces for hosting clients.

Finishes and graphics were updated throughout the space. The environmental graphic design team helped to locate and properly illuminate new artwork. "Energy zones" were created in the center of each floor (replacing break rooms on the ends of the floors) to draw people together and increase collaboration.

Many Exelon employees travel. Therefore, while each department has a designated area, workstations within those areas are a mix of assigned and unassigned seating to improve space utilization.

By shedding four floors in downtown Chicago, Exelon was able to reduce maintenance and leasing costs. Increasing the efficiency of the spaces allowed the company to bring outside departments into the headquarters. The fresh new look and amenity spaces combined with its downtown location will support staff attraction and retention.

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