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Fire & Emergency Medical Services

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Reducing response time is a universal goal for fire departments. Intuitive flow and use patterns incorporated into the design of fire and emergency medical services buildings help facilitate safe, efficient and quick response times.

Fire departments and emergency medical services operate 24/7, with most occupants spending extended amounts of time in these facilities. It is essential that fire and emergency medical services facilities offer a “home-away-from-home” feeling that improves the quality of life for the people who risk their personal safety to provide protection for the community.

As cities grow, so does the need for more skills, training and equipment. Bigger communities also call for space to house larger apparatus, specialty vehicles, rescue equipment and stockpile supplies. The Shive-Hattery fire and emergency medical services design team utilizes a process that provides a full understanding of your department’s procedures, goals and practices. When armed with this information, we can design an environment tailored to the needs of your community and staff.

Emergency Services Location Planning

Geographic Information System leverages multiple sources of geographically-referenced data, displaying this information as a map allowing for a better understanding of relationships, patterns, and trends that may impact your fire and emergency territory. A GIS Analysis will clearly and logically index and display historical incident information and calculate response time to help identify the ideal location of a city's emergency services and positively influence response protocols.

Community-focused Facility Assessment

We act as a partner in our approach to determine the current condition, functionality, limitations, and compliance with the codes and standards of your city's emergency services, including fire stations. Our team is mindful of resources and cost-efficiency, weighing the safety and wellness of first responders with the need to innovate to better serve your community.