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Floodplain Management and Planning

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It is not an easy task to implement drainage or stormwater management projects.
Each stormwater or drainage project has a different set of impacts and needs. By collaborating with you, Shive-Hattery is able to provide a thorough plan and provide the necessary components to each project.

Services include:

  • Public and stakeholder outreach
  • Feasibility studies
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic study and modeling
  • Funding research and assistance
  • Base flood elevation determinations
  • Conditional Letter of Map Revisions CLOMR’s and LOMR’s
  • Ordinance review and development
  • Capital improvement plan development
  • Storm utility fee assistance
  • Disaster prevention and contingency planning
  • Flood response plans

With careful planning stormwater management and drainage projects can be implemented in a thoughtful, orderly, thorough, and effective manner.

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