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Fortune 50 Healthcare Insurance Company

Located in Phoenix, AZ

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As a growing Fortune 50 healthcare insurance company, this firm needed to relocate its IT group to a new space. IT staff numbers were rapidly increasing due to the Health Insurance Marketplace and the abundance of insurance services being offered online.
Three years prior, Shive-Hattery had designed a new 100,000-square-foot building for the firm’s Phoenix location. The insurance firm wanted to partner with Shive-Hattery once again for its IT relocation project.
With a vacant 70,000-square-foot building available across the street from the firm’s current location, Shive-Hattery worked to transform an old high-bay warehouse from dark and dingy to a 21st-century technology space.
The firm’s IT staff desired a workspace that went beyond the feel of a traditional office and instead reflected the identity of their work. New clerestory windows and skylights were added to the building to bring natural light deep into the space. Existing concrete floors were left exposed, along with the ceilings and structure of the building.
A mix of open offices and a variety of collaborative spaces allows IT staff to work in several different modes, whether they’re completing heads-down tasks or collaborating on a new project. The use of color helps break up office space; each “neighborhood,” made up of between 50 and 100 people, has its own identity that provides orientation within the space and gives each group its own personality.
The new building gives the Fortune 50 healthcare insurance firm more space for its IT group to continue to expand as more insurance services move online. Employees no longer spend eight hours a day sitting at their desks, but instead get to choose where and how they work to facilitate workflow and productivity.
This new workplace design also gave an underutilized building the chance to transform into a valuable asset, providing the IT team with an identity all its own.

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