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Franklin Street Bridge in Center Point

Located in Center Point, IA

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The Franklin Street Bridge in Center Point, built in 1930 as a slab bridge over Apple Creek, was reaching its lifespan and in need of replacement. When it was last inspected by the Iowa Department of Transportation (IDOT) in 2015, at 85 years of age, it had a substructure condition rating of “Poor” and was appraised as structurally deficient. Center Point needed a replacement bridge that would meet the City’s needs now and in the future.

One of the key issues for the City was traffic flow during construction. Local traffic could take a short detour, but the large trucks that deliver supplies to local farmers and take their products to market needed a solution that would minimally affect their operation. Franklin Street is the vital link for farmers to the north to reach their main Interstate 380 exit.

A new three-span continuous concrete slab bridge will be built in the summer of 2019 between planting and harvest to minimize the impact on farmers. The span will be lengthened from its current 20 feet to 70 feet, and the bridge will be widened from 22 feet to 44 feet with two 12-foot lanes and 10-foot shoulders. The extra width will allow for the ability to expand if needed in the future. The approaches will taper to match both the existing road and the new bridge.

After a full hydraulic analysis of Apple Creek, the Shive-Hattery team sized the opening under the bridge to comply with no-rise certifications as part of a water management plan. Light poles will illuminate the approach on both sides of the bridge; currently there is only lighting on the south side.

The original bridge was built for the needs of a small town, before Interstate 380 was constructed and Center Point became an exit. With the volume of traffic currently on Franklin Street, if the bridge were to fail, it would have a devastating impact on the community, especially on farmers. The new bridge will easily handle today’s vehicle volume and large truck traffic, and will be ready to handle future growth.

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