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Global Technology Services and Consulting Firm

Located in Providence, RI

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A leading Global Technology Services and Consulting Firm wanted to take advantage of the talent on the East Coast by establishing an office in Rhode Island. To support mentoring, the company envisioned an open environment with flexible furniture that encouraged imagination – but also served as a “blank slate” that designers and other creative staff could make their own.
As a long-time client partner, Shive-Hattery transformed leased space within the five-story Providence Journal building into an office that reflects the personalities of the people inside.
Every surface is writeable so brainstorming can happen anywhere. Benching stations and large community tables give employees room to plug in and carve out space to work. Because some staff members come into the office daily while others come in a few times a week, the impromptu work areas can accommodate mobility and a variety of tasks.
For all-hands meetings, a large, ground-floor town-hall space accommodates all 100+ employees. Landings and seating built into an adjacent staircase offer vertical seating so all employees can see and hear what’s happening. Coffee bars provide a place for employees to relax.
To support the Firm’s partnership with the Rhode Island School of Design, Shive-Hattery created a central lab workspace where students come together with designers, technologists, consultants, and digital strategists to learn how to apply the creative design process to solve problems.
With this new Rhode Island office, the technology leader can take advantage of top talent while bringing employees together in a space that promotes the use of imagination and creativity to problem-solve. The company also has space to grow to meet its goal of establishing 500 more jobs by 2022.

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