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Hotel Manning Preservation

Located in Keosauqua, IA

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The Hotel Manning Preservation Group (HMPG), a group of 71 passionate residents, purchased the Manning Hotel with the sole purpose of preserving the beautiful and historic structure before it became unsavable.

Shive-Hattery was hired to work with the ownership group and with the State Historic Preservation Office to preserve and modernize the Manning Hotel, ensuring that it remained a viable hotel and maintained its historic presence in Keosauqua, Iowa on the Des Moines river.

The main lobby, dining area, upstairs hallway and guest rooms were restored. Modern HVAC and bathroom facilities were provided for the building. On the exterior the iconic “steamboat gothic” wrap around porch was stabilized and the roof repaired.

After an investment of $1.5M dollars, the hotel is again serving dinner on Thursday nights and offering stays in renovated rooms – preserving a taste of Iowa’s rich past for future generations of travelers.

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