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Industrial Security

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When talking security in industrial environments, so much is at stake. Depending on your facility, security can involve cleanliness, directional flow, food safety, cybersecurity, site access, and more.

Starting with the site perimeter, Shive-Hattery’s experts specialize in prevention measures such as access control, visitor management, intrusion detection, surveillance, mass notification, and video analytics. Combined with crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) measures, these technologies connect your staff with what’s happening inside and outside your plant at all times.

Over the years, we’ve also learned the best ways to approach specific aspects of facility design to ensure sanitary conditions, promote personnel safety, and avoid contamination, including:

  • Appropriate locker room setup and distinct hygienic zones
  • Location of wash/hygiene stations, showers, and emergency eyewash stations
  • Efficient and safe material, equipment, truck, and personnel flow paths
  • Adequate room separations
  • Satisfactory temperature, humidity controls, ventilation, and air quality
  • Proper drainage
  • Barrier technology
  • Sufficient lighting
  • Decontamination processes for equipment and personnel
  • Door swing directions
  • Visible exits and appropriate signage
  • Extinguishers and fire hoses
  • Surfaces and floorcoverings to promote simplified cleaning

In addition to designing your facility to maximize site safety, we can also share maintenance and management best practices that help promote safety, prevent downtime, and improve staff productivity. Completing certain tasks the right way can reduce trips and falls and ensure that safety equipment will function during an emergency.

If you’re curious as to where your site security and safety currently rank, we can also conduct worksite security audits to identify areas of potential improvement and recommend preventive maintenance tasks that will keep security initiatives running smoothly.


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