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Library-themed Graphics at Porter County Library Garden Plaza

Located in Valparaiso, IN

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The Porter County Library in Valparaiso, Ind., purchased property across the street with the desire to transform it into a green space where they could host events and children’s activities. With many special amenities throughout the garden, including a performance stage, the client wanted a unique gateway feature that would tie together the library theme and make the garden stand out to passersby.

The gateway was designed to make visitors appear to be walking through an open book into the garden. The gate was made out of metal with a bronze cast to it so that it resembles a traditional leather-bound book. Graphics were added to give the gate an ornate look. With a nod to Indiana’s state tree, tulip tree leaves were patterned around the gateway and extended into the garden, including on the pergola over the stage. Several parts of the gateway, including the graphic petals and wording (“Library Garden” on the front, “Porter County” and a book quote on the back, and the list of donors on the inside back cover) were given a gilt gold look to make them stand out from the rest of the gate. 

A graphic of the sand dunes that are part of the local landscape was incorporated into a rolling gate elsewhere in the garden that will be used for deliveries.

What was once a concrete quarter of a block has been transformed into an enriching green space that can be used for musical gatherings, outdoor activities, and peaceful reading. The unique gateway’s ornate yet dignified graphics propel the library theme of the garden and beckon visitors to come inside and enjoy.

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