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Parks and Recreation

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Design and maintenance of community and neighborhood parks is important for cities of all sizes. We help communities understand the programming needs and the desires of people to help create a successful park. We also help assist our clients in understanding the maintenance and costs associated with each design. This allows you to phase projects based on available funding and for future growth or expansion if necessary.

A variety of diverse play experiences in each park keeps visitors interested and excited to return. Good park design creates spaces for many different age groups with both active and passive recreation.  You can incorporate more program-specific equipment, as well as more informal, natural play elements and open space to fit your community.

Cities and parks departments  seek to safely connect people to neighborhood and community spaces. Whether it’s properly placing a community or neighborhood park during master planning, or creating safe, accessible routes to within an existing park, we will help guide you in the decision- making process to make safe environments for citizens.


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