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Press Ganey Corporate Headquarters

Located in South Bend, IN

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Ignition Park is a cutting-edge development where you will find the likes of the Notre Dame – GE Turbomachinery lab, Data Realty and several other technologies driven startups.

As an original concept for a new corporate headquarters, the developer asked that the footprint and overall layout be designed as a flex industrial space to allow for as many future opportunities as possible.

With a 50,000 square feet footprint, the building is able to be partitioned to accommodate several or few tenants. The partial second floor is complimented by an expansive covered rooftop patio where tenants are able to retreat. The design reflects the aesthetic of the existing buildings, inviting collaboration between buildings and tenants.

With a skin comprised of glass and steel, the overall design balances high design and economic realities of the owner’s ROI. Single or multi-tenant, the building will serve as a centerpiece to the overall development.

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