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RSM’s Irvine Embraces Modern Office Design and Tech for Enhanced Collaboration

Located in Irvine, CA

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International audit, tax and consulting firm RSM wanted to create an office environment that was driven by collaboration and social interaction. An opportunity arose to move into a brand-new development with fresh, modern finishes and a lot of amenity spaces. Each RSM office has its own unique look: Irvine wanted to be defined by a crisp, classic design.

In the new location, the workplace model was changed so that RSM employees have shared workspaces instead of dedicated offices. With the office being highly tech-enabled – lots of monitors, places where employees can connect with people inside and outside the office and share screens, and power and USB plug-ins throughout – people can take their laptops and work just about anywhere in the space. Offices were kept to the interior, off the windows, to allow a great deal of natural light throughout the space.

The Irvine office opened near the end of 2021. Its clean, modern look is echoed in the up-to-date technological features that allow employees to work in a variety of spaces to suit their needs. Designing the workspaces around a central recreational hub is bringing employees together in a collaborative and social environment.

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