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Von Maur Corners at Brookfield

Located in Brookfield, WI

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For years, Von Maur had been interested in opening a store in Wisconsin – but government rules and timing prevented it from becoming reality. After a developer decided to repurpose a 12-acre site that was formerly home to a movie theater and several old/vacant buildings, however, Von Maur was able to find a perfect place for a Wisconsin facility.

Positioned in a prominent location close to a six-lane highway and Interstate 94, the new development – The Corners – features a mix of retail and multi-family housing. Von Maur secured the position of main anchor store, and wanted to use its exterior and interior design to draw shoppers in and encourage them to stay.

As long-time partners, Shive-Hattery works closely with Von Maur on new store designs and remodels. Over the past decade, they’ve standardized the company’s design and how its brand is represented in each store.

The new, two-story standalone facility features a long, tall façade that faces Interstate 94, offering a unique opportunity to showcase Von Maur to hundreds of thousands of drivers. Illuminated cupolas were designed to sit on top of the store’s iconic copper hip roofs, visible from a distance. Large arched windows were placed higher on the building to call attention from the road while also letting in natural light.

Most Von Maur stores feature one or two main entrances, but this 140,000-square-foot location was designed to offer five entrances – three on the upper level and two on the lower level. The design also allows access to the store from the underground parking garage. 

Inside, each department highlights unique features that make shoppers feel welcome and encourage them to explore the store, from wide aisles and custom artwork to live music and a fireplace. The lounge outside the women’s restroom shows off a one-of-a-kind, hand-painted vinyl wallcovering featuring a landscape scene that wraps around the room. The children’s section includes an animated talking tree, inspiring children to interact with it.

The cosmetics department was revamped as well, serving as a new model for future sites. In other Von Maur locations, cosmetic testers and displays are accessible to shoppers, but products are kept inside locked display cases. In this new Wisconsin location, however, Von Maur worked with Shive-Hattery to try something new. Shades of white are used throughout the cosmetics department to showcase the products, which are now in open cases.

Also unique to this location is a separate activewear department, designed with rustic knotty pine finishes. Three wall-mounted video screens in the department act as one large display that showcases available apparel.

A call button system was incorporated into this store’s design as well – another first for Von Maur. When shoppers need assistance inside dressing rooms, a button can be pressed to notify sales associates. To ensure that this service worked seamlessly, Shive-Hattery helped Von Maur map out the logistics, operation, and functionality of the system.

As Von Maur’s 32nd location, the much-anticipated opening in Brookfield, Wisconsin, was nearly 10 years in the making.

Part of a high-end development featuring other retail offerings along with luxury condos and apartments, and nearly 1,200 parking spaces, Von Maur at The Corners offers shoppers an exciting new merchandise selection and helps the company break into a long-awaited new market. 


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