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Transportation Design

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The design of transportation system improvements must be innovative to address the needs of numerous stakeholders involved including the traveling public, affected private property owners, non-motorized advocacy groups and the public owner of the facility. At the same time, careful attention needs to be made on the balance of improvement costs and providing a system that has the appropriate capacity for the right users.

Working closely with our clients and specific project stakeholders, our designers deliver transportation improvement projects that increase safety and efficiency, are completed on time to minimize disruption to the traveling public and are inclusive to all users within the corridor. When standard practices may not be the best solution, we look for opportunities to incorporate innovative intersection designs. Traffic volumes/patterns, high crash rates, right-of-way limitations, utility conflicts or limited funding may result in the need to consider solutions such as modern or mini roundabouts, various U-Turn intersections, or other configurations.

Transportation design is collaborative and expands beyond the technical documents needed to complete an improvement project. As users of the systems, we want to work alongside our clients to make the traveled ways safer and more efficient for years to come.

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