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Von Maur Dry Goods

Located in Rochester, MN

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Shive-Hattery and Von Maur have cultivated a relationship over the past 15 years based on the collaborative efforts essential to the design of several new and remodeled Von Maur department stores. This relationship continues to grow as we assist in the design of Von Maur’s Dry Goods stores, which feature a boutique feel and spotlight a unique design concept that incorporates the appearance of the original 1872 Von Maur store.

Recently, Shive-Hattery was faced with a challenging renovation of an existing tenant space into a new Dry Goods store at Apache Mall in Rochester, Minnesota. The 3,500 square foot space was to be transformed into the distinctive Dry Goods look during an eight-week construction timeline. The end result features an ornate storefront with a pair of glass double doors that invite shoppers into the space and offer an open view of the merchandise within the store. Once inside, the black and white mosaic tile floor, tin ceiling, schoolhouse-style light fixtures, and tumbled face brick provide an old-fashioned feel, while surrounding hip and trendy merchandise.  Shive-Hattery has assisted Von Maur with the design of three stores in three different states, each with a different mall owner/developer. We look forward to continuing this relationship as we help create vibrant and unique spaces that assist Von Maur in providing old-fashioned customer service to a new generation of customers.

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