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Water & Wastewater Permitting

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Every state has its own wastewater discharge permitting rules that regulate the direct discharge of wastewater to surface waters (rivers, streams, creeks, lakes and reservoirs). These National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits require compliance with relevant standards and may also require additional controls based on geographic location.

Shive-Hattery focuses on technical know-how while maintaining close working relationships with regulatory agencies and staying up to date on the latest compliance requirements. This allows us to walk you through the complex regulatory process with confidence in knowing that your plans and designs will be approved. Our highly experienced experts assist with obtaining, negotiating, modifying and transferring wastewater discharge permits.

When your NPDES permit is up for renewal, we can help you review it and negotiate new terms and conditions with your state Department of Natural Resources. We work closely with stakeholders during the administrative review process to ensure timely permit issuance so we can keep your projects on track and maximize accuracy, predictability and timeliness during the permitting process. We can also help with representation if compliance issues ever arise.

To protect public health and the environment, any construction, installation or modification of a wastewater disposal system requires a construction permit issued by the Department of Natural Resources before the project begins. Shive-Hattery can also assist with obtaining necessary construction permitting, including expedited review, if necessary. Because of our long-term relationships with these regulatory bodies, and our knowledge of exactly what needs to be submitted to achieve approval, we streamline the application and approval process.

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