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Ambulatory/Outpatient Facilities

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Continuous advances in diagnostics and treatment procedures have accelerated the transition to available and cost effective outpatient based care models. This provides care more conveniently to both local and underserved communities. Patients treated on an outpatient basis recover more quickly at home. They also aren’t as exposed to acute disease and infection risks as when hospitalized.

When your goal is efficient care, it’s important that patient experience is not sacrificed. Through design, we’ll help you deliver high quality care effectively and efficiently. This can be done through:

  • Approachable facilities minimizing patient stress
  • Reduction of wait times for patients
  • Efficient diagnostics and procedure scheduling for patients and physicians
  • Improved flow for staff and physicians
  • Removal of wasted or redundant space

Shive-Hattery has decades of experience designing ambulatory and outpatient facilities that emphasize growth, re-configurability and efficiency. Flexible design allows quick adjustment to changing community needs as well as regulatory and reimbursement requirements.

To keep you competitive, we ensure that your outpatient facilities are designed to support connectivity and continuity of care with hospitals and acute-care centers. We have extensive experience with the codes and regulations for ambulatory and outpatient facilities, which can differ significantly from other healthcare settings.