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Dunklin County Justice Center

Located in Kennett, MO

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Located in the boot-heel of southeast Missouri, near the New Madrid Fault, Dunklin County was faced with an undersized Sheriff Office and Jail located across town from inadequate courts and court support, on multi-levels, in the historic Dunklin County Courthouse. “How do we convert an abandoned manufacturing/warehouse, into an integrated law enforcement, detention and judicial facility"? That was the challenge presented to architects, as Dunklin County contemplated how to address their Justice needs
In 2006, as design architect and Architect of Record, Steve Davis led design efforts to address that challenging question, while with another firm. The final solution is the Dunklin County Justice Center project. An adaptive reuse of one half of a 100,000 SF factory / warehouse building, Phase I included; Sheriff ’s Office and a 177-bed Jail, with master planning for a future judicial center and prosecutor’s office. Steel cells were utilized in the housing areas. Their reduced weight and modular construction allowed for easier installation in the existing building.
In 2012 Phase II of the original Master Plan was started; Two Jury courtrooms, one Hearing Room and court support including Judge’s chambers, Court Clerks and Prosecuting Attorney.  
In 2014 the much anticipated, and fully integrated, Dunklin County Justice Center was opened.
*As Justice Principal, Steve Davis was design architect and architect of record, while with another firm.