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Ferry Street Improvements

Located in Ottumwa, IA

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The City of Ottumwa recognized a major safety concern at the intersection of Albia Road/North Ferry Street and Ferry Street/Richmond Road. Less than 300 feet separated the intersections, and with Richmond being a three-way stop, traffic often became congested. After multiple accidents, the City decided a double roundabout was the best solution to the acknowledged concerns.

Shive-Hattery led public education efforts, presenting the various benefits the proposed roundabouts could provide to both the City Council as well as the public. After much discussion between all stakeholders, the decision was made to move forward. Shive-Hattery assisted in applying for TSIP funding, which was later awarded.

This was a phased project. The first phase consists of a mini-roundabout at the intersection of Ferry Street and Richmond being completed during the summer. The second includes design and full construction of a modern roundabout at the intersection of Albia Road and North Ferry Street.

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