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Hospitals – Acute & Inpatient Care

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Hospitals and acute centers are complex communities supporting healing. Shive-Hattery has the knowledge, experience and commitment to create and deliver hospital environments that optimize staff effectiveness and the patient experience, whether it’s during a routine exam or a life-threatening emergency.

Your hospital needs to support not only patient care and staff satisfaction, but also technology, equipment and care administration. We understand how to integrate and provide flexibility for advanced technology, while creating sensitive environments that support the emotional aspects of care and healing for family and patients.   

The processes we follow ensure that all stakeholders – from patients and families to staff, care providers, hospital leadership and regulatory authorities – are engaged and play a vital role in the success of your project. Our experienced healthcare team follows a process driven, evidence based and collaborative programming method resulting in alignment of diverse stakeholders to achieve common goals.

Whether it’s a new hospital, micro hospital, renovation, expansion or infrastructure improvements, Shive-Hattery has the capability to be an integral member of your team. We’ll ensure that you’re prepared for the future, with design solutions that improve effectiveness while providing flexibility for growth and advanced technology.

We believe in team based delivery, with the design and construction team members working collaboratively with owner internal and external representatives in scheduling, phasing, infection control, IT, equipment planning and integration, etc. to deliver on time and on budget minimizing any disruption to staff or patients.