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Moline High School Gymnasium

Located in Moline, IL

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Moline High School, a pillar of education in the Quad City Community, has seen numerous building modifications over its long history. While physical education obligations are in place for each high school student, the school lacked space to accommodate these requirements sufficiently and safely. Gym teachers often had to take students to any free space they could find, outside or in hallways, for physical education. Athletic teams also suffered from a lack of proper practice facilities and were often scheduled late into the evening due to inadequate space.

To meet the many needs of both physical education and athletics, the school needed a dedicated gymnasium facility able to house three hundred students per class period without overcrowding, safety, or disruption to other school activities happening during the day. A variety of athletic teams including basketball, track, volleyball, softball, and many others hold practice during the peak after-school hours simultaneously. 

Shive-Hattery created a design to meet the needs of students today, while also preparing them for the future. The design consists of renovation of the existing locker room and gym space along with a wrestling room addition and a PE Facility addition which includes 60,000 square feet of centralized space for physical education. It incorporates four full-sized, multi-sport courts that can be used for activities like basketball, tennis, and volleyball. The courts are enclosed by a six-lane track and field event areas for practicing during all weather. There are batting cages that can be powered down from the ceiling for softball and baseball usage as well. The existing renovated space houses a state-of-the-art weight room, locker rooms, training room, and a student-focused lounge. All facilities and amenities comply with the latest ADA standards so students of all ability levels can participate.

The school district desired a space that would engage and motivate all students to learn the benefits of health and wellness. The mantra “FIT FOR LIFE” is broadcast through graphics in the now approachable weight room.  This philosophy is realized as the staff teaches, guides, and provides the tools needed for the students to live a long, healthy life both during their school years and beyond.

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