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S. Grand Prairie Parkway – Stagecoach

Located in West Des Moines, IA

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Shive-Hattery is currently assisting the City of West Des Moines with the improvements, including watermain, near the 4th and latest Microsoft Data Center to be under construction in West Des Moines. Shive-Hattery designed improvements, currently under construction, include Grand Prairie Parkway from Mills Civic Parkway to Booneville Road. The watermain for this portion of the project was recently installed and will be tested in the near future. In addition to Shive-Hattery’s design role, we’ve also provided leadership of the other seven consultants completing infrastructure projects around the data center. Shive-Hattery’s role consisted of working with City and West Des Moines Water Works staff to plan and organize the consultants and their corresponding construction projects to meet the deadlines for watermain and access to the Microsoft site.

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