Local, regional and national clients manage complex infrastructure. When quality-of-life improvements are needed, you want the best technology and solutions during design and construction. Working together to develop your plan, budget and schedule that drives value and lowers risk. 

Shive-Hattery’s breadth of experience can help you orchestrate fast-paced schedules, site efficiency, cost effectiveness and quality assurance. At the forefront of every project the team balances function with aesthetics. 


Each of these areas have their own requirements, specifications and design considerations, such as space plans for underground storm piping, traffic volume testing, repurposing buildings, hazardous material handling or the deployment and usage of drones.

Whether we’re renovating or adding onto your existing areas, overhauling areas for a new purpose, implementing updates for code or sustainability or creating something new, the end result is a safe, high-quality, and effective design that offers an improvement to the community and their quality-of-life.

Shive-Hattery has a full-service, multi-disciplinary government team made up of in-house architecture, design and engineering experts to support every aspect of your project. You will work with this team from initial design plans and regulatory permitting to mechanical, electrical, and civil services and anything in between.

Our passion to build relationships and trust is why clients come back to us for full-service architecture, engineering, interior design and land surveying. We invest time to get to know you, your pain points and what you need through our unique and personal approach, which makes collaborating with our team an enjoyable experience.

Justin Campbell

The spirit of team and collaboration was instilled in me early on through sports. Playing sports both at the individual and team level has given me an appreciation and insight into working with others to achieve a common goal.

As a transportation engineer, problem solving in a collaborative- and team-based environment is the key to my clients’ success. Positivity and optimism allow me to see things through the lens of possibilities and I enjoy sharing this type of energy with my clients and colleagues.

Having fun should be a part of everyday life at home and at work. It’s possible to inject this enthusiasm into solving project-related problems and meeting and connecting with my clients. I make sure to be approachable so they feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and concerns. My priority is to provide value to my clients by helping them solve and overcome their challenges.

Justin Campbell, PE, ENV SP

Civil Engineer

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