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I have been working with school boards, administrators, teachers and students of K-12 facilities for the majority of my career as an architect.  School boards and administration are under a lot of pressure to work with small budgets, maintain and improve their facilities, appeal to their school families and communities and most importantly, keep children engaged in the learning process. 

Working with schools to set the backdrop of their students’ education through high quality and appropriate facilities has been a rewarding and exciting aspect of my career.  It continues to drive me to help seek better environments for our children as we all share in the responsibility of teaching, protecting and helping our future grow.

Tandi Brannaman

Licensed Architect

K-12 Services


My experience includes design of mechanical systems for hospitals, schools, office buildings, industrial facilities and food manufacturing facilities. These systems include variable air volume heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, process ventilation and pressurization systems, general exhaust systems, chilled water cooling systems, hot water heating systems, pneumatic and electric temperature controls and direct digital control building automation systems.

Chris W. Nelson, PE

Mechanical Engineer

Education Services