Shive-Hattery’s Healthcare Team is passionate about building communities of care for providers, patients and families. Our evidence based holistic approach engages stakeholders to understand goals, aspirations and models of care, while integrating advanced technology to create healing environments supporting the patient experience and positive outcomes.

Our holistic approach considers the impact of the environment on the mind, body and spirit of all stakeholders. In addition to care givers, family members are critical to patient recovery, and the facility should be responsive to their needs. The healthcare hospitality trend is about creating an environment and experience that respects the individual needs and ability to deliver and receive quality care. The environment is also a key factor in the competitive recruitment and retention of the best and brightest physicians, nurses and staff.



An opportunity to assist in the design of an outpatient surgery center in 1992 began my journey into the healthcare industry that sparked my passion for healthcare design.  As the healthcare experiences grew in numbers, so did the desire to better understand how patient care is delivered within these complex environments.

As healthcare designers, we must step beyond the architecture and listen to the needs of those who require and provide care.  Our design vision must systematically identify the spatial needs and resolve them with a solution that efficiently integrates the highly technical with a creative patient touch.

The senior healthcare leadership at Shive-Hattery has a structured practice to communicate knowledge, to assist and share in solutions, and to help nurture the interest of our future healthcare designers.

Andy Moats

Principal/Healthcare Sector Leader

Advanced technology continues to be a critical and key driver in diagnostics and treatment care delivery. We stay on top of the rapid changes and design for flexibility, using strategies like universal room sizes to accommodate multiple equipment providers. We always consider how to integrate the technology for today and tomorrow and still provide a human touch environment for patients.

Shive-Hattery understands healthcare is a business of care with shifting sands of regulatory priorities in delivery and reimbursement. Therefore, we need to be both effective, efficient and maintainable, while living within budgets, schedules and resources. Our knowledge of both best practices and codes as well as our long term relationships with regulatory agencies and their staff , help us navigate this highly regulated industry for our clients.