Be Best-In-Class

Every 18 months Shive-Hattery benchmarks employee feedback with best-in-class companies across the nation. The latest data from the spring of 2019, shows Shive-Hattery achieving best-in-class results related to work-life balance, commitment, open-door management, social culture, communication and benefits. By listening to employees, we aspire to continuously improve as the best place for you to develop both personally and professionally. 

93 % Feel Shive-Hattery has a social and celebratory culture
92 % Feel they understand how the company is performing
89 % Feel their work-life balance is respected
89 % Feel our office management has an open door policy
87 % Feel committed to Shive-Hattery
83 % Feel satisfied with Shive-Hattery's benefits package

Shive-Hattery employees – over 425 strong – are united by common people values. Honesty, trust, truth, mentoring, openness, risk-taking, giving credit and caring for one another are ideals we strive for every day. Our shared people values give us guidance on how we treat one another. They are a critical part of our firm’s culture.


Shive-Hattery’s Leadership Development Program (LDP) enhances the abilities of home-grown leaders within the company. LDP develops a pool of change agents as they advance their leadership knowledge and skills through the 15 to 18 month program.

Jennifer Bennett, President, facilitates LDP, which routinely consists of two classes of 8-10 employees each, meeting for two-day-long discussions occurring every three months. Approximately 100 alumni exist from the 20-year-old program. They now share a common language and knowledge base as it pertains to leadership within the company of over 425 employees.

Behind the Scenes of Shive-Hattery’s Leadership Development Program

The program builds leaders from within to then lead initiatives across the company. Leadership occurs at all levels of the organization, as part of a focused effort to avoid a top-down management style. Over 70% of LDP alumni have stayed with Shive-Hattery to become leaders and create positive, adaptive change.