Shive Hattery’s Workplace Team is passionate about building your workplace community. The workplace is constantly evolving  physically, socially and technologically. Our creative workplace strategies and solutions reinforce or transform culture, improve work processes, and support collaboration and innovation. Join us in exploring how clients are creating exciting, efficient, effective, healthy, great places to work. 



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Growing, high-performance cultures are all about people and how your values drive behavior. Your workplace environment sets the stage for success, helping employees, recruits and customers experience your unique brand.

One of the best parts of working in the design industry is the people and the relationships (lasting friendships) we develop with colleagues and clients.  Everything we do revolves around people!

It’s really important to listen and gain a deep understanding of the why; what is driving my client, what they want to accomplish, what are their challenges? People appreciate that I really listen to them and advocate for their best interest, which builds trust through the process.

The translation of the why into the what, by creating spaces that not only support the client’s goals and aspirations, but go beyond expectations, is my true passion!

Michelle Jones, LEED AP

Director of Interiors

Creating Workplace